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WHY IT WORKS?:  *NO Obligation * NO Inventory* NO Sales Quotas*


∗   FACT: It Works is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

∗   FACT: Exclusive products featured at Hollywood events like the Oscars and Emmy’s.

∗   FACT: The opportunity to earn in ONE MONTH what many people work to earn in a year.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We LOVE what we do. We are having FUN, and achieving our financial goals… are you?

All you need is a computer or a smart phone, and you can RUN your BUSINESS from ANYWHERE in your home; or on the beach with your friends and family. Yes, you can literately carry your entire business in your purse or bag. It’s that simple…

YOU might be the first in your area to distribute our product(s) wholesale to your friends, family, individuals, spas, fitness centers, hair salons, tanning salons, massage therapists, chiropractors, boutiques, and expos or have wrap parties. Earn CASH the moment you WRAP someone! WE are looking for LEADERS with an ENTREPRENEUR spirit, who is truly READY for a CHANGE, to join our Team.


  • Becoming an It Works Global distributor is SUPER easy it’s just $99 to join and that will give you the rights to sell all of our products as well as receive a starter kit that includes a box of four individually packaged wraps.
  • Each of the wraps you get in your starter kit can be sold for $25 or $30– if you “pre-sell” the four wraps in your starter kit, you can recoup your initial $99 investment using only the contents of your business kit.


A Resounding, YES! We have teammates from all over the world with all different backgrounds that have made incredibly successful businesses for themselves with It Works products!

Honestly, I believe that ANYONE can do well with this business if they are teachable, willing to step outside of the comfort zone & ready for a CHANGE!

There are several different ways to make money with this company, but I will start with a few of the basics to give you an idea of just how quickly you can put cash back into your pockets!

To get a better idea of how easy you can start your business simply by sharing the wrap, watch this short video below

  • Step 1):  Buy Your Starter Kit for $99 (includes 4 individually packaged wraps that retail for $25-$30 each.


  • Step 2) Sell Each Wrap From Your Starter Kit for $25 and Regain Your $99 Investment Right Away.
  • Step 3) Find 4 Loyal Customers (mom, sister, BFF, neighbor, coworker, etc.), basically ANYONE who wants to try the products at wholesale cost!


Once you find these FOUR customers, you will get TWO Wrap Rewards and 120 BV in FREE PRODUCT! A wrap reward allows you to buy a box of wraps or facials for only $25!  By signing four loyal customers, you’ll get two wrap rewards & you’ll also get 120 BV in FREE product credit from the company.

Once you redeem your two wrap rewards & free product credit, you’ll have 16 wraps for only $50! Selling each of those wraps for $25 will make you a PROFIT of $350 cash!!

Step 4) Find 3 PEOPLE Who Want to Join Your Team & Make Some Extra Money!

Step 5) Help Your 3 New Teammates Find Their 4 Loyal Customers


When your new teammates find at least 2 loyal customers within their first 30 days, you’ll earn a $100 BONUS… that means you could earn $300 in BONUSES + $350 in wrap cash in your very first month!

That $650 doesn’t even include the commissions you’ll earn off all your new customers.

…And don’t worry, this is just the BEGINNING! There are tons of other ways to earn and there is NO limit to your income potential.

This chart shows the average Monthly earnings for each rank– The sky is the limit… it all depends how much you put into it



Once you get started with your business for $99, you will have the rights to sell the full line of It Works Products.

You’re NOT required to keep any sort of inventory in stock, but you will want to run a monthly auto-ship of 80BV in products or more — this will ensure that you’re fully qualified for all possible commissions, but it will also provide you with enough products to run your business each month.

You are also equipped with an amazing website to build your business with for only $20/month that has TONS of tools and resources to make your life easier… and did I mention that your first month is free?

If you want to keep your business running on a budget, we recommend ordering two boxes of wraps each month… you can sell each of those wraps for $25 or $30 (depending where you live) to cover all of your monthly expenses and put cash back into your pocket!


There are TONS of fun ways to market our products. Wrap parties & appointments, expos & trade shows, word-of-mouth referrals, blitzing, salon meetings and social media are just a few of the many ways we get people interested in our products and opportunity.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is an amazing product because it grabs people’s interest right away, but we also have a long line of other products to ensure that we have something for everyone’s interests and needs!


A wrap party is an It Works! Global exclusive home party that features our signature product, the It Works! Wrap.

Guests come over and pay $25-$30 to try a wrap for them-selves as well as get introduced to the company, the other products and the business opportunity.

The wrap is a unique, first-to-market product often referred to as “that crazy wrap thing” for the incredible results it provides after only 45 minutes. Hosting a wrap party is the perfect way to show people how easy and fun it is to wrap yourself at home!



The setup is simple and minimal (all you need to do is provide water for your guests) and you can carry your inventory in a single bag… no need to lug around a ton of product to each event.

Wrap parties are a ton of FUN and they are one of the greatest ways to generate BUZZ around your business… the wrap provides instant results that people love to tell their friends about


No, we strongly believe that you just need to share your personal results with our products & the right people will come to you!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold anything in your entire life… if you are committed to learning, willing to try new things & ready to make tons of new friends along the way — you can absolutely succeed with this business.

We personally work with each and every new teammate to make sure they’re connected to our community and have all the support they need to be successful.

If you want it, we have the tools to get you there… we love finding new leaders to work with.


Think about it this way: If you were to build a traditional, brick-and-mortar business from the ground up, you’d have to pay for a building (or build one from nothing).

You’d have to pay for workers to get the place up and running and salaries for the employees who help you run the business. You’d have to pay for equipment and supplies and utilities.

You’d have to pay for advertising and marketing to get the word out about your business. The list goes on and on!

Needless to say, there are a TON of everyday expenses that would add up very quickly (and likely put you in the hole very quickly) unless you had an enormous amount of startup capital.

Network marketing is a unique and amazing opportunity for inspired individuals to create their own name in the business world without a lot of overhead or startup cash.

You also don’t need any prior experience, special training, loans or education to be a top money earner in this industry.

It doesn’t matter what your resume looks like… if you work hard, stay consistent & stay committed in the right company, you can change your financial future forever in just a few short years.

The beauty of this business model is that you are in charge of your own success! You can put as much or as little time into it as you want.

We have plenty of people who join this business just to make an extra $300-$500 each month and they are perfectly happy with that…

We also have dozens of teammates who have completely changed their lives and the lives of others because of this business.

Whether you’re looking to make an extra $500/month or $10,000/month, we can give you the roadmap to get there and the support to make it happen!


First and foremost, we are a company of integrity and community–when you join the company, you join the family… we LOVE to see everyone succeed.

Secondly, we have AMAZING products that are literally changing lives left and right. Our skinny wraps are incredible and attention-grabbing, but we also have a whole line of other health and wellness products that improve your health from the inside out to make you look good AND feel good!

The corporate leadership of It Works! is incredible and they continue to find new ways to change lives for the better every day. Our Gives Back Foundation is just one of the many ways our company pays it forward & we are so proud to be part of something so life-changing!


It Works Global is NOT slowing down anytime soon… we’ve experienced massive growth in the last five years and the numbers keep climbing as more and more people learn about this crazy wrap thing.

There has never been a better time to get involved with this company… we are not yet a household name, but people WANT what we have all over the world– we are quickly expanding into other countries as we go through this period of huge momentum & growth.


  • You are not just joining a team, you are joining a strong COMMUNITY of womenand men who are passionate about changing their own lives and the lives of the people around them!
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and get to know the other members of this team like a family… we are in business FOR ourselves, but not BY ourselves.
  • Not only that, but you are going to be SUPPORTED every step of the way. We have spent the last 7 years developing our training and mentoring systems to ensure that YOU can join this business and feel completely confident and supported.


I am Ready, HOW DO I SIGN UP?

I am so excited to help you get started!Click on this link: https://wrapitdelaware.myitworks.com/join/ and it will take you right to the party. It Works!


It Works! Independent Distributor